ASTCAD provides a wide range of drafting and design services that is 100% reliable and affordable. Our Brisbane Drafting Services offers 2D and 3D CADD services in Brisbane, customized to your individual project needs. Avoid wasting money and time in getting low-quality designs and drafting. Instead choose us and be rest assured. When our professional drafters and engineers team allay your fears and give you awesome drawing quality, we guarantee an excellent experience when it comes to designing. Providing quality drafting services to bring your thoughts and design to life at affordable prices and with fast turn-around so you can start projects sooner is what makes us stand out from our competitors.


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Brisbane Drafting Services introduces excellent 2D and 3D CAD services, Design services, 3D Modeling services, etc locally. We aim to accelerate our clients mechanical designing and manufacturing process when offering drafting services that enable 3D data into a single digital model to produce a final product. This serves as a digital prototype which allows you to optimize and validate your design digitally before presenting a physical prototype. Our drafting and design services are utilized to create and shape the mechanical product.

We aim to be your strategic partner for CADD services providing reliable, cost effective, speedy and quality design drafting services. We collaborate with clients who would be able to benefit from our quality and cost to promote services. Designs and drafting services are taken care by experienced Designers and Draftsman who have the required training and extensive knowledge of standard requirements like technical know how of how to organize all necessary drawings for your project.

Brisbane drafting services offers a full scale, professional design services that accommodates mechanical 2D & 3D Design & Drafting, electrical 2D and 3D Design & Drafting, architectural 2D & 3D Design & Drafting, structural 2D & 3D Drafts, civil 2D & 3D Design likewise drafting; all types of CAD conversion services, 3D Printing services with prototype design and CAD staff placement.

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Our engineering services offer  provisions for quality service for different industries. We offer affordable, quick turnaround solutions for all your engineering drafting as well as engineering design needs relating to Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Design, Civil and Structural Engineering likewise provide engineering drafting supplies across Brisbane’s major cities including Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Bundaberg, Townsville, Toowoomba City, Gladstone, Mackay, Rockhampton and Cairns.

CAD drafting services from Brisbane are high-quality technical drawings which are tailored to the client’s technical specific requirements. Its engineering CAD, drafting services team, leverages your product development capabilities; likewise provide effective drafting solutions for mechanical components and industrial equipment.

As a leading CAD service provider producing CAD services for various industries, we stand out your expectations. Brisbane’s CAD drafting has an accuracy level maintained by not less than 98 percent. We can convert any file formats to different formats as you desire ensuring drawings also retain the standard blocks and attributes. Our clients’ specified custom layers and standard is maintained strictly, original drawing’s dimensions are well maintained, and snap on/off, grid on/off on drawings are maintained.

The beauty of outsourcing with Brisbane drafting services is dynamism attached to multidisciplinary design and drafting services as we take the time to listen to client’s requirements, provide an initial quotation and offer excellent advice during documentation.


Brisbane Drafting Services is one of Australia’s leading CAD services provider with expertise in several CAD packages namely AUTOCAD, MICROSTATION, SOLIDWORKS, REVIT, INVENTOR, SKETCHUP, 3Ds MAX, CATIA,  PTC, etc.